About the Lanvellec summer academy

Early Music Academy on Period Instruments

(Pipe organ, harpsichord, violin)

During the 17th and 18th centuries, all harpsichord players were organists, and all organists were harpsichord players, all of that is well know. All composers were organists and harpsichord players; this is a well known fact as well. All were playing violin, and played continuo, we know that too. But what can we do to get close to the composers of that period? We, who are wishing to play the music that we love beautifully.

The Lanvellec summer Academy brings an answer to this question offering a course which brings those fundamental subjects together (to read more...)



Lanvellec summer academy (France) welcomes the partici­pants from

Sunday July 15th until Friday July 20th 2012.


A faculty concert and a stu­dents’ performance will ponctuate the academy. 


Auditors are welcomed to attend all academy classes.







  • Historic Robert Dallam’s Organ 1653 (the only 17th century English pipe organ fully kept in its original state) consists of a single manual of 48 notes (4 octave from C1 to C5), coupled pedal-board of 19 notes, 3 sets of authentic reeds pipes. Tuning : A390 Hz, 15°c. Temperament : mean-tone. Restored in 1986 by Barthelemy Formentelli and listed as Cultural Heritage.









  • Marcin Groblicz (Krakow, 1604). Extremely rare  instrument from the founder of the lineage of the Polish stringed-instrument makers, maintained in an excep­tional state. Restored by Philippe Poissonniez. 






The Lanvellec summer academy proposes:


1. The practice of the organ :  

 -  Robert Dallam  (Lanvel­lec,1653)

 - Thomas Dallam (Ploujean-les-Morlaix,1680).

  Historic organs of the region are accessi­ble for the individual practice. 
2. The practice of the harpsi­chord : courses in the “château de  Rosanbo” (Lanvellec), on an Augusto Bonza (1991, copy of Henri Hemsch), and on another Augusto Bonza (1999) copied from anonymous factor ca.1530,  gut stringed.


Individual practice  on a Marc Ducornet. 
3. The practice of the violin. Possibility of playing on the teacher's violins during the courses. Marcin Groblicz,1604 and Augustin Chappuy, 1757. 


Individual studio for private practice.






Erwan Le Prado


International performer and organ tenure pro­fessor (Conservatory - Caen). 

He is also co-organist of the Cavaillé-Coll’s organ in Church Abbey Saint Etienne of Caen and of the Parisot historic organ in Notre-Dame de Guibray – Falaise.


Frédérick Haas


International performer and professor of harp­sichord at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.He is the owner-cu­rator of the Henri Hemsch harp­sichord (1751).



Mira Glodeanu


International performer and baroque violin professor at the Royal Conser­vatory of Brussels. She plays a rare violin of Marcin Groblicz, Krakow (1604).



Active participants : 300 € pedagogical fees (100 € upon registration, remaining fee upon arrival).

Meals : 150 €. Accommo­dations at participant charge (list and prices provided).



Student Rates : 250 € pedago­gical fees (100 € upon registra­tion, remaining fee upon arrival). 

Meals : 150 €. Room and board in host family (free-limited places).



Auditors : 100 €.

Accommoda­tions : list and prices provided.

Meals : restaurant in Lanvellec and surrounding areas.



How to register

Registration must be completed and returned before June 30th

with the 100 € check deposit

(refundable only when registra­tion is refused).

Please attach a resume.


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